Standard and Poors downgrade.

ISTM that at it's root, what S&P is saying is that the TP wing of the Republican party is more convincing when they say "We're willing to trash the full faith and credit of the U.S." than Obama is when he says "I'm willing to veto the Bush tax cuts when they come up for renewal."  Can you blame them?

Chinese complaints.

Apparantly the Chinese are complaining about the high levels of US government debt.  And yet they are the ones lending us a fair ammount of that money.  It's just like the banks complaining about all the people defaulting on their crazy bat-shit insane neg am liar loans and insane levels of credit card debt.  For the most part, many of these bad loans have idiots at every level: borrower, lender, bond-holder. Likewise,  if the Chinese didn't buy so many treasuries in an attempt to manipulate the exchange rate,  the US government wouldn't be able to continue borrowing rather than asking its citizens and business to pony up for the amount of government services that they insist upon.

Norway observation

This is the obious outcome when you let these people into the country.  At first they say that they just want to be left alone to practice their own religion. Then they try to change all the laws to force everybody to live by their religious dictates.  Marriages, family law, inheritance; ALL must be changed to THEIR specification.  Suddenly it is everybody else who is no longer free to practice their religion.  They're always claiming to be a religion of peace.  Well for a peaceful religion they sure do start alot of holy wars.  And boy to they love to venerate all their martyrs.  It seems like every week all their "holy men" can talk about is another martyr whose dismemberment and death is described in more bloody detail than a "Saw" film. THERE'S your emphasis on peace. 

At first they were a harmless minority, but they have grown greatly in numbers and power.  They're always trying to bring their co-religionists into the country and convert others.  All those "acts of charity" are just a power play to convert the poor to their strange, foreign beliefs.  For 1,000 years they've had their eyes on Norway.  May Loki take all those Christians to Niffilheim.

Debt Limit

You know, a year ago, we were all laughing an California and the complete stupidity of the political gridlock going on there.  It seems that particular infection has spread to the federal government, with there being a significant chance of a completely avoidable fiscal catastrophe ahead of us.  ISTM that the Tea Party has, at some political level, rendered itself irrelevant since many of 'em won't vote to raise the debt ceiling under any circumstances.  If there's nothing that will get you to vote for it, why should anybody pay attention to you.  I'd guess that some version of the "grand bargain" plan could pass the house with centerist votes from both parties.  But the Republican leasership doesn't WANT that outcome, because a bill that can muster a large number of votes from both parties is likely to be more left leaning than a party-line vote.  So they don't even want to put somethng like that up for a vote. 

Are we truely turning into a giant Greece, unable to pay our debts?  In Greece the problem is massive tax fraud, and here it is a politicaly unwillingness to pass taxes, but the result is the same.  And the consequences might be the same.  When people are thinking of lending you money, the fact that you CAN pay them back isn't all that important if they're worried that you WON'T pay them back.  Which means that they charge you more interest.  And THAT can quickly lead to the situation where you indeed CAN'T pay back the money that you owe.

Debt ceiling impass.

It's not so much the fact that the Republicans are willing to sell the rest of us out to benefit the rich.  That is, after all what they're paid to do. It's that the're so willing to risk the destruction of the entire economy to further their goals. 

Sucker Punch

I was a bit disappointed with Sucker Punch.  I mean what I liked, I loved.  Steam-powerd zombies in pickelhalbs.  A dogfight between a B-25 and a Dragon.  Flaming Zeppelins.  Giant Samurai weilding mini-guns.  It really made almost no sense, and I couldn't care less, loads of visually awsome, anachronistic violence.  The fact that said violence was done by cute girls in short skirts was just the cherry on top.  But that 20 minutes was surrounded by a prostitutes-in-peril framing story that, while very well done,  was kind of...ookey.  Somehow all the cheesecake that seemed mere anime brought to life in the more fantastic sequences seemed exploitive and creepy in the more realistic framing story.  Still glad I saw it though. 

(no subject)

Going to go see the 12:50 (pm) show of Sucker Punch at the Majestic in Silver Spring on Saturday.  That movie looks like a bucket full of fun wrapped in a blanket of awsome.  Anybody interested is welcome to join us.

animated shorts part deaux

Either they have extended the run, or I was mis-inhformed, they're still showing the Oscar animated shorts through next thursday at the E street Cinema.  A couple of the are WELL worth seeing.